Unleash Your Inner Warrior

Unleash Your Inner Warrior

I’m delighted to introduce Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors, a transformative membership program specifically tailored for individuals navigating life with chronic Conditions. Our mission? To guide you in turning your overwhelming struggles into empowering strengths!

Creative Healing Pathways

The Power of Transformation

Why Embracing Change is Essential

Living with a chronic illness can feel like a lonely uphill battle. But we’re here to change that narrative. My program provides you with essential tools and a supportive community that can help shift your experiences from making you feel misunderstood and overwhelmed, to feeling deeply connected and empowered. This journey can profoundly impact your life, providing you with the strength to reclaim your control and embrace joy.

Why Choose Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors?


Witness profound changes in your mindset and emotional well-being in as little as a few weeks.


The program is designed to be easily understandable and actionable, making your transformation journey smooth and enjoyable.


The program is comprehensive, touching on all aspects of your life, from emotional management to self-expression through art, fostering self-compassion, and building a strong support system.

What Your Journey Would Look Like

  • At this stage, members begin their journey by developing a healthy sense of self-acceptance and emotional awareness. They learn to acknowledge their chronic illness without letting it define their self-worth.


    • At this point, you have completed the foundational modules on acceptance, self-worth, emotional awareness, and mindfulness.

    • starting to understand your emotions and practicing mindfulness techniques.

    • taken steps towards accepting your chronic illness, recognize your worth beyond your condition, and beginning to control your stress and anxiety more effectively.

    Action Steps

    • Acceptance & Self-Worth

    • Emotional Awareness

    • Practice Mindfulness

  • Members progress to using artistic expression as a form of therapy & deepen their mindfulness practices. They master techniques to express their emotions through art & learn to live more mindfully, helping manage stress.


    • By now, you have gained a deeper understanding of mindfulness and therapeutic art.

    • You’ve started using art as an emotional outlet and a tool for self-reflection.

    • You’ve explored advanced mindfulness techniques, to help you live more mindfully and manage stress and anxiety even better.

    Action Steps

    • Deepening Mindfulness Practice

    • Practice Therapeutic Art

    • Express Emotions through Art

  • This stage focuses on building resilience and fostering self-compassion. Members learn to navigate life’s challenges more effectively and develop a compassionate internal dialogue, promoting mental wellbeing.


    • You have now tackled building resilience and fostering self-compassion.

    • You’ve started to cultivate resilience, making yourself more equipped to handle life’s challenges.

    • They’ve also started practicing self-compassion, allowing them to treat themselves with kindness during times of stress or failure.

    Action Steps

    • Build Resilience

    • Build a Support System

    • Foster Self-Compassion

  • This stage is about growth, empowerment, and celebration. Members acknowledge their journey, appreciate their growth, build their support networks, and set goals for the future, truly unleashing their inner warrior.


    • You’ve acknowledged your growth, recognized their strengths, and began envisioning their future.

    • You have effectively managed your stress and built a support network.

    • Most importantly, they have nurtured their inner warrior, making them feel more empowered to live their best life despite their chronic illness.

    Action Steps

    • Nurture Your Inner Warrior

    • Manage Stress Effectively

    • Celebrate Your Journey and Setting New Goals to Further Your Journey

Meet Your Compassionate Guide

Kelsey Bornyk – An Artist, Creator, and Coach at Heart

Hi Friends! I’m Kelsey Bornyk, an artist, creator, and coach with a fiery passion for empowering individuals with chronic health conditions. My journey of overcoming personal obstacles such as Fibromyalgia, Dyslexia, ADHD, Chronic Pain, Migraines, Insomnia, IBS, and most recently, Palindromic Rheumatism, has been the catalyst for transforming my struggles into something beautiful. Through my journey, I found a way to connect with myself, accept my illnesses, dig deep for resilience and find a sense of calm, control and empowerment in the face of the chaos we call chronic illness!

From corporate registry work to creating art that resonates, my journey has taught me the importance of living life on my own terms, especially in the face of fluctuating health. Drawing upon these experiences, I’m creating a nurturing space that fosters belonging and empowerment, providing support and encouragement for like-minded individuals navigating similar journeys.

Common Objections Debunked

Your Investment, Your Future

The Price of Empowerment

The total investment for this life-changing program is only $47/month. Or you can go all in and save even MORE! Choose the annual option and pay only $470; that is two months off, and it doesn’t get much better than that! But remember, the actual value lies beyond the monetary cost. It’s an investment in your emotional well-being, personal growth, and overall quality of life. After all, the journey to empowerment is priceless.

Dare to Dream

Embrace the Art of Possibility

Imagine a life where chronic illness no longer controls your emotions. Envision yourself feeling hopeful, relaxed, connected, and radiating confidence. Picture yourself actively engaged in life, empowered to live fully, and steering the course of your journey. That’s the transformation Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors strives to ignite within you.

Creative Healing Pathways

What’s Included?

  • Therapeutic Art and Mindfulness Coaching: Tap into the healing power of art and mindfulness, honing your emotional intelligence and stress management skills.

  • Monthly Group Coaching and Q&A Sessions: Engage with a community of individuals who truly understand your journey, offering mutual support, keeping you accountable and sharing your experiences.

  • Custom Workbooks, Guides, and Cheat Sheets: Receive practical resources to guide your transformation journey in just 1-2 hours a week.

This plan focuses on personal growth and connection, embracing the situation and emotions, and finding inner peace. It will not have an endpoint; instead, it is a continuous journey of self-discovery, introspection, and community-building.

Ready to Start Your Journey?

Your Next Step to Transformation

You’ve learned about the transformation that awaits you with Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors. Now it’s time to take action! Click on the “SUBSCRIBE” button to start your journey of empowerment. Let’s redefine what it means to live with a chronic illness – together, we’ll not just survive but thrive. Join our vibrant community today, and start shaping your tomorrow.

Introducing the Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors Membership, your one-stop destination for personal growth, wellness, and empowerment. Our community provides a wealth of resources, including journal prompts, motivational quotes, health and fitness tips, and so much more. Our goal is to inspire and support you on your unique journey toward self-improvement and living your best life.

Join our supportive community today and gain access to valuable tools and insights that will help you overcome challenges, embrace change, and unlock your full potential.

By signing up, you’ll become part of a vibrant, like-minded community that fosters personal transformation and celebrates individual successes. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of self-discovery and growth, creating better lives for ourselves and those around us.

Don’t miss out on this incredible opportunity to invest in yourself and your future. Sign up now and start your journey towards a happier, healthier, and more fulfilling life. Welcome to the Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors Membership, where your journey to self-improvement begins! 🥳💓🙌😊❤️❤️

Whatever it is you are struggling with, find your people, and you will feel less alone!