Imagine trading stress and overwhelm for creativity and emotional freedom, all for just $17 a month.

Transform from Stress to Success And Discover the Secret to a Calm and Creative Daily Life

Nurture Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul – One Brush Stroke at a Time.

Transformative Art Journaling Circle

Transform stress into stunning art. Channel daily pressures into creativity, gaining clarity and confidence.

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Peek Behind The Scenes Of The Transformative Art Journaling Circle Membership

Formally Peaceful Palette: Bi: Weekly Therapeutic Art Membership

This journey reshapes your emotional landscape for lasting success. Embrace a life where mindfulness and artistic skills empower you to thrive as a female entrepreneur.

Does This Sounds Familiar?

Do you find yourself constantly juggling the demands of your bustling entrepreneurial life, feeling like there's barely any time left for yourself?

You’ve tried:

  • Trending productivity apps

  • Endless self-help books that promise quick fixes to stress and burnout.

  • Wellness workshops

Yet, each day ends much like the last—overwhelmed and unfulfilled, with your creative spark dimmed by the incessant pressures of deadlines and decisions.

But these solutions often feel like:


Just another task on your ever-growing list


Lacking personalization


Failing to address the unique challenges you face as a woman entrepreneur

This Could Be Your New Normal?

After joining our community, imagine starting each day with a sense of calm and creativity, rather than chaos and overwhelm.

Your days will start feeling like:


Stress is melting away, replaced by a focus and clarity that enhances your decision-making and productivity.


You’ll carry this newfound serenity into every aspect of your life, managing your business tasks with greater ease and confidence.


The sense of isolation fades as you connect with a supportive community of like-minded women who are on the same journey.

It’s not just about making art; it’s about crafting a life where creativity and business success flow seamlessly together.

From Personal Struggle to Transformative Solution

Like many of you, my entrepreneurial journey is paved with some late nights, relentless pressures, and the constant pull between business demands and personal life. As I navigate this high-stress environment, I find myself not just overwhelmed but fundamentally disconnected—from my loved ones, my passions, and the creativity that once fueled my spirit since I first began this entrepreneurial journey after being put on medical leave from my Corporate job of 14 years! The more I pushed through, the more I realized that traditional methods of stress management and productivity hacks were not enough to reclaim the essence of who I was.

My quest for relief and rediscovery brought me back to my roots—in the healing world of art. Amidst brushes, pens, paper and canvases, I began to uncover the person I had lost in my hustle. Art became more than a hobby again; it transformed into my sanctuary, a place where meditation and therapy converged, breathing new life into my weary soul. As I continue to dive deeper into the intersections of mindfulness and therapeutic art, I not only heal more and more but also discover powerful tools that could help others like me—busy entrepreneurs seeking solace and a spark.

This revelation was the catalyst for what was once the Peaceful Palette: Bi-Weekly Therapeutic Art, a beloved initiative that has now evolved into something even more profound—the Transformative Art Journaling Circle. This transformation was not just in name but in spirit and purpose. It represents a culmination of everything I’ve learned and lived—turning my lowest points into a foundation for a balanced, fulfilling life. With the new tagline, ‘Nurture Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul,‘ this program is a testament to the journey of transformation that awaits every member.

Through the Transformative Art Journaling Circle, I aim to extend this pathway to you. It’s designed not just for artists (because art skills are not required!)  but for every entrepreneur who has ever felt overwhelmed by the chaos of life and work. This program isn’t just about learning art—it’s about weaving intention, creativity, and joy into the fabric of your daily life, transforming the very way you live and lead.

I share this story not because it’s easy but because it is necessary. Each step, each pivot in my journey, reflects a piece of what many of you experience every day. And while our stories may differ, the underlying struggles—and, more importantly, the solutions—are profoundly connected. If this path could lift me from the depths of burnout to new heights of creativity and calm, I am confident it can illuminate your journey, too. Let’s walk this transformative path together, nurturing our minds and inspiring our souls.


Transformative Art Journaling Circle

Transformative Art Journaling Circle

Nurture Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul

Introducing the Transformative Art Journaling Circle: Nurture Your Mind, Inspire Your Soul. This unique program transforms stress for busy women entrepreneurs into creativity and calm with art and mindfulness. It’s more than self-care—it’s a pathway to personal and professional growth.

At its core, this program integrates artistic expression, mindfulness and mental fitness into your daily life, helping you manage stress, enhance creativity, and find peace. With the right tools and community support, it offers lasting strategies for well-being and business success.

Join us to transform your approach to work and life.


What do you actually get?



Monthly, engage in art exercises that blend creativity with mindfulness to reduce stress and enhance well-being. From watercolor painting to creative journaling, each activity is crafted to improve your daily life and inspire your soul, regardless of artistic skill.



Access practical resources like templates, checklists, and workbooks to enhance your mental health and creativity, seamlessly integrating these benefits into your daily life for personal and professional success.


Implement practical strategies from our program into your daily routine effortlessly. Learn and live new skills through mindfulness techniques and creative projects that enhance your workday and energy levels, turning theory into real benefits.


Join ‘Creative Healing Pathways,’ an exclusive Facebook group of women entrepreneurs on similar journeys. This vibrant community offers ongoing encouragement, insight, and inspiration. Participate in live sessions, share your progress, and grow collectively. Here, you become part of a supportive family.

JUST $17/MONTH – 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (Cancel Anytime)

Every Month Consists Of….

Monthly Art

Journaling Exercise

One Live art

journaling Class

Community Engagment

Membership Monthly Themes

New Format Structure Starting June 1st, 2024


One lesson is dripped each month in the current months theme as well as one live class  that is held on the third Wednesday (registration required) of every month unless otherwise notified. Replay’s are available.

All members will have access to all previous lessons once they have joined.



Harnessing Creativity to Combat Burnout



Building Resilience Through Art



Empowerment Through Visual Storytelling



The Role of Community in Emotional Health



Therapeutic Art Fundamentals



Integrative Art and Body Movement



Reflective Art Practices



Mindfulness Through Art



Emotional Awareness with Creative Expression



Artistic Meditation and Relaxation



Stress Reduction Techniques



Creative Rituals for Daily Practice

How we run things

Our Framwork

Kelsey Bornyk Said:

“Let’s Transform Your Challenges, Break Through Barriers and Step Back into Your Power”


What They Say

Envision a world where your entrepreneurial drive doesn’t sacrifice your personal wellness but enhances it…

With our transformative solution, you’ll rediscover the joy of your craft and integrate it into your daily life, turning potential stress into powerful expressions of art. Your days will no longer end with you feeling drained and disconnected; instead, you’ll conclude your day feeling accomplished and artistically fulfilled.

After integrating our art-focused methods into your routine, your relationship with work and creativity transforms. Instead of feeling overwhelmed by your to-do list, you’ll approach tasks with a renewed perspective, one that values creative breaks as a catalyst for efficiency. You’ll feel more in tune with your needs, allowing for meaningful breaks that rejuvenate your mind and body, leading to more productive and inspired work sessions.

This change isn’t just emotional; it’s practical. You’ll learn to use art as a strategic tool for problem-solving and innovation, seeing improvements not only in your mental health but also in your business outcomes. The camaraderie in our community offers ongoing motivation and insight, ensuring that you’re supported every step of the way

The changes extend beyond your workspace. You’ll enjoy deeper connections with family and friends, as you’re now better equipped to manage stress and communicate effectively. Our community will be there for you, offering advice, support, and inspiration, making the journey less lonely and much more rewarding.

Art Journaling at Work


What if it’s not for me?


🛡️ Risk-Free Exploration: We understand that trying something new, especially when it involves your personal and professional growth, can feel like a big step. That’s why the Transformative Art Journaling Circle comes with a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. We want you to feel completely at ease when you decide to join us.

Recap of What You’ll Get with the Transformative Art Journaling Circle


Joining the Transformative Art Journaling Circle means you’re not just getting access to a program. You’re stepping into a journey of transformation that nurtures both your personal and professional life. Here’s what’s included:

Transformative Art Journaling Circle

Discover the Components of the Transformative Art Journaling Circle:

Monthly Pre-Recorded Video Tutorials: Each month, access a new tutorial that dives deep into art and mindfulness techniques. These sessions are designed to fit seamlessly into your busy schedule, allowing you to engage and learn at your own pace.

✔️ Expert guidance on a variety of art techniques

✔️ Practical mindfulness exercises tailored for entrepreneurs

Downloadable Workbooks: Accompanying each video, you’ll receive a comprehensive workbook filled with exercises and insights to enhance your understanding and application of each month’s focus.

✔️ Actionable steps to integrate art into your daily routine

✔️ Exercises to deepen your emotional and creative growth

Custom Templates and Checklists: Get exclusive access to specially designed templates and checklists that simplify the creative process and help you maintain focus and productivity.

✔️ Ready-to-use art project templates

✔️ Checklists to track your progress and insights

Monthly Live Art Journaling Sessions: Join live sessions where you can create alongside peers, ask questions in real-time, and receive immediate feedback and support.

✔️ Interactive, community-driven learning

✔️ A supportive environment to share and grow

Exclusive Access to the Creative Healing Pathways Facebook Group: Become part of a vibrant community of like-minded entrepreneurs. Share your journey, gain inspiration, and connect with others who are also using art to transform their lives.

✔️ Community challenges and collaborations

✔️ A safe space for sharing and receiving support

Bonus Workshops and Webinars: Throughout the year, enjoy access to exclusive workshops and webinars on topics like creativity enhancement, stress management, and personal development.

✔️ Guest speakers and expert insights

✔️ Additional resources to complement your learning journey

By joining the Transformative Art Journaling Circle, you’re not just signing up for a program—you’re investing in a toolbox filled with creative resources designed to transform your professional and personal life.

Key Benefits:

  • Stress Reduction: Turn your stress into creative outcomes that empower and rejuvenate.

  • Enhanced Creativity: Regularly engage with your creative side, improving your business and personal life.

  • Community Support: Never feel alone on your journey with a community that understands and supports your growth.

Remember, all of this comes with a 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee. You can try it out completely risk-free. We’re confident that the Transformative Art Journaling Circle will not only meet but exceed your expectations, helping you to feel more balanced, inspired, and connected.


JUST $17/MONTH – 7-Day Money Back Guarantee (Cancel Anytime)


Frequently asked questions

What exactly is included in the Transformative Art Journaling Circle membership?

The membership includes monthly pre-recorded video tutorials, downloadable workbooks, custom templates and checklists, live art journaling sessions, exclusive access to our Facebook community, and bonus workshops and webinars.

How much does the membership cost?

The membership is billed monthly at $17.00* per month.  You can cancel at anytime-no strings attached. 

*subject to price increases, but you will never pay more than the price you joined the membership, as long as your account is in good standing. 

How will this membership help me in my daily business operations?

By integrating mindfulness and creative expression into your routine, you’ll find that your stress levels decrease while your productivity and problem-solving abilities increase. These changes can lead to more thoughtful business decisions and a more enjoyable work environment.

Is this membership suitable for those new to art or mindfulness?

Absolutely! The Transformative Art Journaling Circle is designed for individuals at all levels of art and mindfulness experience. Each resource is crafted to be accessible to beginners while still providing value to those more experienced.

What if I can’t keep up with the monthly content?

No worries at all! All our content, including videos and workbooks, is available on-demand. You can engage with the materials at your own pace and on your own schedule.

What is the 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee?

Our 7-Day Money-Back Guarantee allows you to try the Transformative Art Journaling Circle risk-free. If you find that it’s not the right fit, you can request a full refund within the first seven days after your purchase.

What makes this art journaling circle different from other art or mindfulness programs?

Unlike generic programs, the Transformative Art Journaling Circle is specifically tailored for women entrepreneurs, integrating art with business and personal growth. It combines the therapeutic aspects of art with practical mindfulness techniques, all supported by a community that understands the unique challenges of balancing business with personal well-being.

How does the live art journaling session work?

Each month, we host a live session via a virtual platform where you can interact with other members and receive real-time guidance and feedback from me. It’s a great way to connect and share your progress.

Total Value = $900

Today’s Price = Only $17


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