Reflecting on my experience with the Positive Intelligence program, I’m overwhelmed with gratitude. This wasn’t just about professional growth; it was a holistic journey towards personal mastery. Participating in the Positive Intelligence program was like finding the manual to my mind that I never knew existed. From the start, Kelsey stood out as an exceptional PQ Coach. She took the time to thoroughly go over each week’s focus with great care and consideration and provided additional clarity and support as needed. Her commitment goes beyond mere instruction; she invests herself wholeheartedly in the success of her clients.

Kelsey has a gentle and giving heart, qualities that shine through in her coaching style. During deeper, more introspective parts of the program, Kelsey guided me with such empathy and understanding that I felt completely supported and safe to explore my inner challenges. Her compassionate approach helped me overcome some personal hurdles and taught me to appreciate the gifts and opportunities they presented. I am immensely grateful for her guidance and cannot recommend her highly enough. Kelsey is not only a testament to the effectiveness of the Positive Intelligence program, but she’s also a beacon of its principles, lighting the way for others with her wisdom and kindness. For anyone feeling stuck or overwhelmed, this program might just be the shift you need to unlock your best self.


C. Ferguson

Kelsey is an exceptional coach, guiding and empowering those who are struggling with chronic illness through actionable mindfulness tools and therapeutic art methods to strengthen their resilience and enhance their life. 

The depth of her empathy and active listening skills have helped me immensely by allowing me to feel seen, heard and acknowledged. 

If you are a chronic illness warrior and your goal is to uplevel your well-being, I highly recommend Kelsey to guide you on your journey.

L. Alexander, California

Thank you to coach Kels for her Positive intelligence-based coaching experience. She has been able to take a tough, saboteur-infested set of issues and help me find my sage powers to calmly and creatively identify solutions to move me forward instead of remaining stuck. I am looking forward to continuing to explore all the possibilities as she expertly guides the process.

J. Lindsay

I have had the privilege of collaborating with Kelsey on several occasions, and her expertise in art therapy is both impressive and inspiring. She combines professionalism with warmth and compassion that immediately puts you at ease. Her guidance is always provided with kindness and respect, which creates the most optimal and supportive environment as you are going through your profound transformational journey.

Kelsey’s superpower is that she is incredibly supportive. She is not only knowledgeable but also genuinely passionate about helping others and truly wants you to succeed. She is on a personal mission to empower people with chronic health conditions to live their best lives. Kelsey’s innovative coaching approach and programs are designed to help her clients reduce stress, find inner peace, and unlock their full potential. She has the unique ability to connect and empathize while guiding you through the therapeutic process, which is truly remarkable. I highly recommend her for her professionalism, expertise, and unwavering commitment to her clients’ growth and well-being.

 Kelsey is a true gem! She is not only a gem in the world of coaching but also a consummate professional. I feel fortunate that our paths have crossed and that we’ve been able to collaborate on a few projects together. I look forward to continuing to partner with Kelsey and exploring future endeavors that will continue to serve our communities and beyond.


I cannot say enough good things about Coach Kels and the Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors Membership. Coach Kels brings such a spirit of empathy and compassion while warmly encouraging discovery and growth. I felt like I was being wrapped in a comforting blanket while being gently nudged to explore my possibilities. I appreciate how Coach Kels has, and continues to face her own challenges, and generously shares the fruits of her learning and deep research to bring both creative and practical applications to her clients.