Beautifully Broken: Finding Beauty in the Imperfect with Kintsugi

Finding Beauty in the Imperfect with Kintsugi

Have you ever heard of Kintsugi? It’s a centuries-old Japanese art form that cherishes the flaws in broken pottery by repairing it with lacquer, dusted with gold or silver. Kintsugi, literally translating to “golden joinery,” does not aim to hide the damage; instead, it highlights it, giving the broken pieces a new life and a new beauty they did not possess before they were broken.

I have a profound connection with this concept. As someone who has grappled with a chronic illness, I have felt ‘broken’ for much of my life. It was a constant, gnawing feeling that seemed as permanent as the cracks in shattered pottery.

Like a piece of pottery, I have had my share of cracks and fissures. My illness left me feeling physically shattered and emotionally drained. However, I have learned to heal my mind and soul over time. I have discovered the beauty in my ‘brokenness.’

This realization led to the birth of my company, which I fittingly named “Beautifully Broken.” It is not merely a company. It’s a testament to my journey from feeling fragmented to finding wholeness in my unique, imperfect form.

The principles of Kintsugi resonate deeply with me. This art form teaches us that nothing is ever truly broken. There is beauty in the scars, beauty in the transformation. The cracks in the pottery become the most beautiful when touched by the gold lacquer. The gold doesn’t hide the cracks. Instead, it glorifies them, celebrating the journey of the object and the resilience it has shown.

Similarly, our hardships, our ‘cracks,’ shape us into who we are. They are integral parts of our identity. Instead of hiding them, we should highlight them. We should wear them as badges of honour. They tell a story of survival, resilience, and triumph against adversity.

The global upheaval of the past years has undeniably left us all feeling ‘broken’ in various ways. But just like a Kintsugi artisan repairs a piece of pottery, we can learn to mend our wounds. We can find the strength within us to highlight these scars rather than hide them; in doing so, we can transform our lives.

Beautifully Broken aims to help people embrace their own version of Kintsugi. Our cracks, hardships, and challenges do not define us, but how we choose to repair them does. We can choose to hide them, or we can choose to highlight them, take pride in them, and let them shine with the brightness of gold.

As we move forward, remember that it is okay to feel broken. What matters is how we put ourselves back together. And in that process of healing and mending, remember to not just fix but adorn. Adorn your ‘cracks’ with gold, for they are symbols of your strength, of your journey, and of your beautifully broken spirit.

In this journey, we are not just fixing what is broken but creating something more beautiful and resilient. And this, my friends, is the essence of being Beautifully Broken.

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