From Hiding to Expressing: My Odyssey of Embracing Authentic Emotions

From Hiding to Expressing: My Odyssey of Embracing Authentic Emotions

My Odyssey of Embracing Authentic Emotions

This painting was created at a moment when I felt like I needed to focus my soul. During the process, I felt like I was pulling in all my energies and refocused them into every stroke, and once completed my soul was balanced again.

In a society that praises the “keep calm and carry on” mentality, revealing and expressing raw emotions can feel almost rebellious. But every rebellion has its origins, and here’s mine: a transition from concealed unease to genuine emotional freedom


The Masks We Wear: Hidden Behind the Facades

The initial days after my diagnosis felt like walking through a haze. As my body cried out in pain, my emotions seemed dulled, tucked away behind a facade of “I’m fine.” It was the path of least resistance—concealing my anguish, fear, and despair—thinking that my silence equated to resilience. But this wasn’t just a personal coping mechanism; it was also a cultural norm where showing vulnerability was equated with weakness, particularly when faced with something as overwhelming as chronic illness.

The Toll of Suppression: When Silence Speaks Louder

While these masks did offer a layer of protection, they came with a price. Physically, they led to escalating fatigue, mysterious body aches, and restless nights. Emotionally, it was like simmering in a pressure cooker, teetering on the edge of a dramatic explosion. Mentally, the perpetual balancing act between authenticity and facade was draining. The burden of unspoken emotions began to outweigh even the symptoms of my illness. It overtook everything, and I felt like I would never win this losing battle!

Moments of Authentic Expression: Unveiling the Real Me

The turning point was unexpected—one day, I decided to pretend no longer “I’m fine.” I would let the tears flow and words tumble out, raw and unfiltered. I would no longer say, ” I’m fine,” not to make anyone uncomfortable or to hide my discomfort like it is something to be ashamed of. To my surprise, the world didn’t collapse. Instead, I felt lighter, free from hiding, and embraced by close family and friends. That evening, I paved the way for more authentic conversations—with friends, family, and, most importantly, myself.

Nurturing an Environment for Authenticity: Creating Safe Spaces for the Heart

Cultivating an environment that fosters genuine emotional expression became pivotal. Here’s how I nurtured mine:

1. Physical Spaces: Cozy nooks at home, with all my favourite things, journals, canvases, paint, and all the artistic stuff, became my sanctuary.

2. Personal Mantras: “I owe my truth to myself” became a daily affirmation.

3. Community: Surrounding myself with people who listened and heard was vital. People who valued vulnerability as courage.

4. Emotional Check-ins: Daily self-reflection to understand and acknowledge my emotional state, even if just five minutes.

Embracing authenticity is not just about expressing genuine emotions; it’s about accepting them without judgment. It’s the realization that vulnerability is strength, pain can be poetic, and authenticity is liberating. If you’re on the brink of your emotional odyssey, know this: a supportive tribe awaits you, eager to walk beside you. Discover this and more with our Facebook Community, Creative Healing Pathways.

Until we meet again,


Reflections on Emotional Self-Assessment: Lessons from My Path

Reflections on Emotional Self-Assessment: Lessons from My Path

Self-awareness is a profound compass, often guiding us through the labyrinth of life. My path has been accentuated by the complexities of living with a chronic illness. It led me to discover the transformative power of emotional self-assessment, reshaping my experiences and interactions.

The Catalyst for Change:

When Emotions Beckon for Understanding

On a day that now seems both distant and vivid, I grappled with an intense physical and emotional flare-up. Every joint ached, and my spirits felt crushed under despair. I had difficulty getting through a conversation without crying; that was my body screaming to take notice! and do it now… It wasn’t the physical pain but the emotional cascade that made me pause and question: “How am I truly feeling? And why?” This wasn’t just about the flare-up; it mirrored a more considerable sentiment, an urgent nudge to introspect my emotional well-being.

The Tools I Used:

Navigating My Emotional Atlas

My pursuit led me to an array of resources. A non-profit recovery center that helped me gain insights into understanding and navigating my emotional complexities. Therapeutic sessions became safe spaces to explore, understand, and heal. Mobile apps like “Calm” and a yoga program became my daily check-ins, encouraging me to gauge and record my emotional states.

Trials, Errors, and Eureka Moments:

The Odyssey of Discovery

Only some techniques or tools were an immediate fit. Some felt too clinical, others too abstract. But this trial and error were invaluable. It emphasized that emotional self-assessment isn’t a one-size-fits-all. I recall ditching a highly recommended app because it didn’t “click” with me. In contrast, therapeutic art, which I stumbled upon serendipitously, became a therapeutic anchor. Finding what resonates with your soul is crucial, ensuring the journey is authentic.

The Impact on Daily Life:

Emotions in Everyday Decisions

With a refined sense of self-awareness, the world seemed different. I began perceiving situations not as isolated events but as emotional stimuli. Conversations with loved ones became more profound, where I could express with clarity and understand with empathy. During emotionally charged times, I learned to pause, reflect, and proceed, making decisions honoring my emotional and physical well-being.

The odyssey of emotional self-assessment isn’t a destination but a continuous journey. It’s about evolving, learning, and nurturing oneself. While the path is personal, remember you’re not walking it alone. The Beautifully Broken community stands beside you, offering support, understanding, and a shared experience. So, as you embark on this transformative journey, know there’s a tribe cheering for you, understanding your struggles, and celebrating your revelations.

I am wishing for you the clarity and joy that self-reflection brings.

Chat soon,


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Living with Chronic Illness: Navigating the Emotional Journey

Living with Chronic Illness: Navigating the Emotional Journey

Navigating the Emotional Journey

Living with a chronic illness can feel like navigating rough waters. It’s not only the physical pain but also the emotional turmoil that leaves you searching for stability. In this blog post, we will explore the concept of emotional safety and how it can transform your journey with chronic illness.

The Overwhelming Storm of Diagnosis

How to Cope Emotionally with a Chronic Diagnosis

The day I received my diagnosis was overwhelming. It felt like I had been given a lifetime pass to a roller coaster of emotions – fear, anxiety, and disbelief. The question “Why me?” lingered longer than the pain itself. This is a common sentiment among those facing chronic conditions. The initial storm is often the toughest, shaking your beliefs and leaving you yearning for emotional safety. You long for comfort and peace, yet fear it will never be found again. However, a part of you refuses to give up hope. I want to tell you, don’t give up. There is a way to find your path, starting with emotional safety, self-love and acceptance.

Finding Comfort in Unexpected Places

My Personal Journey with Chronic Illness Emotions

In my search, I found comfort in unexpected places. One book that came at the right time was “The Fibro Manual” by Dr. Ginevra Lipton. Then, through an incredible non-profit group, I learned how the brain’s emotional processes work, how to process my trauma, mindfulness’s true meaning, and emotional control’s importance. People in my Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors community would agree that the first step is recognizing the need for emotional safety.

Creating a Secure Emotional Space

Techniques to Find Emotional Stability Amidst Health Issues

Creating a secure emotional space is both an art and a science. It involves learning self-compassion, adopting mindfulness practices, and embracing good and challenging days. It wasn’t always easy, and there were moments of doubt. However, over time, the emotional toolkit I built became my go-to, my safe haven. There are still moments when doubts and fears creep in, but that’s just part of the journey. Knowing how to handle those moments is the key.

Here are key components of my emotional toolkit:

  1. Painting on canvas in expressive abstract art

  2. Art journaling

  3. Emotion landscape journaling

  4. Meditation

  5. Mindfulness

  6. Therapy

  7. Physical activity

  8. Grounding in nature

The Power of Community

Benefits of Support Groups for Chronic Illness Sufferers

There’s undeniable strength in finding others who have walked a similar path and faced similar storms. The communities I became a part of were more than just support groups – they became my family. A support group or tribe, as I like to call it, that understands, supports, and stands by you, is in valuable. I am so happy that I get the pleasure of creating that for you in Beautifully Broken Wellness Warriors!

Embracing the Emotional Journey

Chronic illness is not just a physical journey. It’s an emotional odyssey that teaches, challenges, and eventually empowers. While the waves may never cease, having a safe harbor makes all the difference. If you’re on this journey, remember that you’re not alone.

Want To Dive Deeper and Find Your Tribe?

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Self-Expression Unleashed: My Journey with Therapeutic Art and Mindfulness

Self-Expression Unleashed: My Journey with Therapeutic Art and Mindfulness

My Journey with Therapeutic Art and Mindfulness

Hey there friends!

As your therapeutic art and mindfulness coach, I’ve had the incredible opportunity to witness the transformative power of self-expression through art. Today, I want to share my personal journey with you – how art and mindfulness have played a pivotal role in my life, especially since being diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.

When the news of my diagnosis hit, I found myself in a period of rest and reflection. I needed something to occupy my time and keep my mind engaged. So, I turned to familiar creative avenues and crafts I knew I could handle. But little did I know that one decision to pick up a paintbrush would completely change the course of my chronic illness journey.

Painting became a revelation. It wasn’t just a pastime; it was a lifeline. With each brushstroke, I found joy, solace, and a sense of freedom I hadn’t experienced before. It was like a portal into a world where pain and worries temporarily faded away. Art became my sanctuary, a safe space to explore my emotions, fears, and dreams without judgment.

You see, therapeutic art is not about artistic expertise or mastering technical skills. It’s about self-expression, allowing yourself to be vulnerable, and embracing the authenticity of your creations. There’s no right or wrong way to express yourself through art; it’s about trusting your instincts and letting your inner voice guide the creative process.

Through painting, I discovered a profound connection with mindfulness. I became fully present in each moment, immersed in the flow of colors, shapes, and textures. It took me to a place of deep self-awareness, where I could explore my emotions with curiosity and without judgment. Art brought mindfulness to the next level, allowing me to get to know myself on a profoundly intimate level.

As I continued my artistic journey, I noticed how painting helped manage my depression and anxiety, making those challenging moments more manageable and, at times, even at bay. It provided a space to process and release otherwise tricky emotions to put into words.

Though my body might still be a mystery at times, art has taught me to accept it as only part of who I am, not defining my entire being. It has empowered me to understand my body’s signals, recognize patterns, and advocate for myself better. Through art and mindfulness, I’ve learned to communicate how I feel to myself and those around me, fostering deeper connections and support.

Art became my catalyst for healing, guiding me toward a path of self-discovery and empowerment. It has brought immeasurable value to my life, helping me navigate the complexities of chronic illness with grace and resilience.

So, to all of you who may be exploring therapeutic art for the first time or are already on this journey, I encourage you to embrace the process wholeheartedly. Allow yourself to be vulnerable, and let your creativity flow without constraint. Trust that your artistic expressions hold incredible healing potential.

In this safe and nurturing space, you can explore the depths of your emotions, paint the essence of your soul, and create masterpieces that reflect your unique journey. Together, we’ll embark on a journey of self-expression and discovery through the beautiful world of therapeutic art and mindfulness.

Friends, I want you always to remember that you are not alone on this journey; we are here to support and celebrate each step you take.

Talk soon!


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