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My mission is to create a community for female entrepreneurs to find serenity in the daily hamster wheel. Through coaching, mental fitness, and art, I guide women to relieve stress, discover themselves, reduce overwhelm and self-sabotage while crafting a successful, productive, and harmonious life and business.

Kelsey Bornyk
Kelsey Bornyk, Coach, Artist

Welcome to Beautifully Broken Transformations

I’m Kelsey Bornyk, an artist, creator, and transformative coach dedicated to empowering busy female entrepreneurs. Our mission is to provide a sanctuary for women facing stress, overwhelm, and self-sabotage in their business journeys. Through therapeutic art and mental fitness, I guide you to break barriers, reclaim your power, and find serenity amidst daily chaos. My personal experience of overcoming chronic health challenges has fueled my passion to help others turn their struggles into strengths. Join our community for a path to calm, clarity, and empowerment. Together, we’ll create a life of harmony and growth.

Crafting Paths to Healing Through Art and Mental Fitness

I believe in the power of personal stories and tailor my approach to each individual’s journey. By blending therapeutic art, mental fitness practices, and compassionate coaching, I create a safe space for exploration and growth. Whether it’s through crafting, painting, or connecting with nature, we’ll discover how these practices can bring peace, clarity, and a renewed sense of purpose to your life. My mission is to help you weave your challenges into a beautiful tapestry of strength and resilience. Join us and embark on a transformative journey today.

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Learn How To Empower Your Success In Just Three Steps



The exploration mode is based on curiosity, openness, wonder, and fascination with what is being explored.



Empathizing is about feeling and showing appreciation, compassion, and forgiveness for one's self and others.



Navigate is about choosing between various paths and alternatives based on a consistent internal compass.


Innovation is about breaking out of the boxes, the assumptions, and the habits that hold you back.



Activate moves you into pure action, utilizing your energies are laser-focused on action and not distracted by our negative self-talk.

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Join us on the blog where creativity meets healing. Discover articles designed to inspire, educate, and guide you through your wellness journey.

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Transformative Art Journaling Circle Membership

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Join the Transformative Art Journaling Circle and discover a unique blend of art and mindfulness crafted specifically for entrepreneurs. Our program helps busy professionals like you manage stress, boost creativity, and achieve personal and professional growth. Engage with expert-led art exercises, gain access to a supportive community, and transform stress into serenity. Start your journey today and nurture your mind, inspire your soul.


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Are you ready to harness the power of mental fitness and art to elevate your entrepreneurial journey? Let’s embark on this remarkable path together and unlock your true potential.

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Manifesting a Positive Mindset Shifting Your Thoughts for Manifestation

Manifesting a Positive Mindset

Shifting Your Thoughts For Manifestation


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The Mindful Art Journey

The Mindful Art Journey:

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Healing Heartbeats:

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As a coach, Kelsey Bornyk stands out through her unique blend of therapeutic art, mindfulness techniques, and compassionate coaching tailored for individuals with physical and mental health conditions. What makes her work unique is the personal journey through her own chronic conditions, which deeply informs her empathetic and holistic approach to coaching. Clients can expect a transformation that empowers them to navigate their challenges with resilience, find peace amidst the stressors of daily life, and embrace self-discovery and personal growth. Through her guidance, individuals learn to harness creative expression as a powerful tool for healing and well-being, stepping back into their power with renewed strength and clarity.

1. How does your coaching process work?

My coaching process is deeply rooted in understanding and compassion, designed specifically for busy female entrepreneurs juggling the demands of their businesses and personal lives. We begin with a comprehensive assessment to identify your unique challenges, goals, and aspirations. From there, we craft a personalized plan that incorporates therapeutic art, mindfulness practices, Positive Intelligence techniques, and productivity strategies tailored to your specific needs. Our sessions blend coaching, skill-building, and creative expression, providing both structured guidance and the flexibility to adapt as your needs evolve. Throughout our journey, we focus on small, manageable steps that lead to profound and sustainable change, ensuring every client feels supported, understood, and empowered to make meaningful progress in both their personal and professional lives.

2. What makes your coaching style unique and effective?

My coaching style is unique because it combines my personal experiences with professional expertise in therapeutic art, mindfulness, Positive Intelligence, and productivity enhancement, specifically tailored for female entrepreneurs. Having navigated the complexities of running a business while managing chronic health conditions, I bring genuine empathy and insight to our sessions. This personal connection fosters a safe, nurturing environment where clients feel truly seen and heard. Additionally, my approach goes beyond traditional coaching by integrating creative expression, mindfulness techniques, and productivity tools. This holistic method not only addresses immediate business challenges but also promotes lasting emotional, mental, and physical well-being.

3. Who is an ideal candidate for your coaching services?

An ideal candidate for my coaching services is a female entrepreneur aged 35-55 who is feeling overwhelmed by the demands of their business and personal life. They may be struggling with self-sabotage, imposter syndrome, and stress, and are seeking supportive guidance to manage these challenges effectively. My services are particularly suited for those looking to rediscover their inner strength and creativity while achieving clarity, balance, and increased productivity. The integration of Positive Intelligence techniques helps clients build mental fitness, making them more resilient and better equipped to handle stress. If you’re ready to break through barriers, boost your productivity, and transform your challenges into opportunities for growth, you’ll find a welcoming and empowering space in our coaching relationship.

4. What kind of transformation can a client expect from your coaching?

Clients can expect a transformation that touches every aspect of their lives. By engaging in our coaching process, you’ll learn to manage stress effectively, cultivate a positive mindset, and embrace your creativity as a powerful tool for both personal and professional growth. The journey from feeling overwhelmed and stuck to finding peace, clarity, and empowerment is profound. With the integration of Positive Intelligence techniques and productivity strategies, you’ll strengthen your mental fitness, making it easier to navigate challenges and maintain a positive outlook. You’ll discover new ways to enhance your productivity, leading to increased self-esteem, a stronger sense of purpose, and improved overall well-being. Ultimately, you’ll emerge more resilient, confident, and equipped to thrive in your business and personal life.

5. Why should someone unsure about coaching decide to work with you?

If you’re unsure about coaching, consider the transformative power of working with someone who truly understands and shares your journey as a female entrepreneur. My unique blend of personal experience and professional expertise in therapeutic art, mindfulness, Positive Intelligence, and productivity enhancement provides a foundation for change that is both empathetic and evidence-based. Coaching with me is not just about overcoming obstacles; it’s about transforming your relationship with those obstacles and rediscovering your power and potential. Positive Intelligence techniques help build your mental fitness, enabling you to handle stress and challenges more effectively, while productivity tools ensure you make the most of your time and resources. I offer a compassionate, judgment-free space where you can explore your thoughts and feelings, learn new skills, and step confidently into your entrepreneurial journey.

6. Why is mindset work so important when it comes to life’s challenges?

Mindset work is crucial because it shapes our perceptions, reactions, and resilience in the face of life’s challenges. For female entrepreneurs, a positive, growth-oriented mindset empowers you to view obstacles as opportunities for growth, rather than insurmountable barriers. Positive Intelligence techniques are integral to this process, helping you build mental fitness and resilience. Additionally, cultivating a productive mindset ensures you can make the most of your time and resources, leading to greater efficiency and success. By grounding your mindset in mindfulness and self-compassion, you build a strong foundation for emotional and mental well-being. This work not only helps you navigate immediate business and personal challenges with grace and strength but also contributes to a more fulfilling, empowered life in the long term.